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Thinkers Unlimited is a Progressive Elementary School. It's the first of its kind in Alabang. We acknowledge that students have different strengths, interests, talents, and skills.

Our goal is to help students tap into their strengths to feel success, enjoy learning, and seek knowledge, in order to become passionate learners, compassionate members of the community, and productive and happy individuals.



Our History


After years of being encouraged to start a progressive grade school program to complement its preschool, a group of very determined Toddlers Unlimited parents made a compelling argument and convinced us to start Thinkers Unlimited.



Our school provides a learning environment where students are happy, engaged, busy, and motivated.

We have seen how students work harder when they feel valued, challenged, invested, and respected.

Flexible Seating.jpg
Our Work Spaces


Our Work Spaces are not set up like traditional classrooms. Instead of rows of desks, we have tables of different heights and sizes that allow students to work independently, with a teacher, or small groups. Students are encouraged to find comfortable work spaces to optimize work time at what suits their needs.

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