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Thinkers Unlimited is a cool school where you can find friendship and laughter. We care about one another, and even though we argue, we'll always stay friends. Our teachers teach us the right things and instead of whining from our mistakes, we learn from them. I love Thinkers Unlimited.

- Vito, Grade 6

We have a lot of fun. And don't forget about the teachers who take care of us. 

- Alfonso, Grade 5

Thinkers Unlimited is a school. It's where I study and play with my friends. I see toys, books, chairs, tables, and learning materials here. 

- Eli, Grade 5


Thinkers Unlimited is a place where you can connect and make friends easily. We have very caring and fun teachers. And we give free hugs! We all look after each other, and tell an adult when a friend needs help. It's a very enjoyable and memorable place to be in. You'll be able to have a fun experience.

- Dylan, Grade 5

Thinkers is a school where you can make lots of friends---and music!

-Lucas, Grade 6


Thinkers Unlimited is a school that sparks your imagination and gets your brain gears turning. The school will not overload you with multiple homework and infinite tests. They have teachers to assist you and more. All in all, Thinkers is a school that is ultra cool!

- Franco, Grade 5

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