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We follow a process-oriented way of learning where students explore a wide variety of materials. The enjoyment and learning through these explorations are given more importance than the final product.

One basic reality is that we cultivate students to think in creative and critical ways without the unnecessary stress, threat, and pressure of failure. Children are actively involved in learning because lessons invite children to interact, cooperate, collaborate, reason, predict, comprehend, share and explain. One simple goal we have for all our students is that they come to school with a love for learning.

  About Us

Who are behind Thinkers Unlimited?


Teacher Thumby Server-Veloso

Teacher Thumby is the co-founder and School Director of both Toddlers Unlimited and Thinkers Unlimited. She has an undergraduate degree from Ateneo de Manila in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Psychology and Communications. She holds a Masters Degree in Family Life and Child Development from the University of the Philippines. She is also a part-owner of Spark Discovery Center, a children's center in Makati that provides high quality programs for very young children. Teacher Thumby often gives parenting talks and is a contributing writer for Smart Parenting magazine.

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Teacher Bianca Miciano

For over 12 years, Bianca was a teacher at Toddlers Unlimited, and a Math tutor to students from elementary to high school. When Thinkers Unlimited was born, Bianca stepped up as a co-founder of the elementary levels and helped develop the Math program.

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