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There is a saying that “a student can only be as good as the teacher”. So naturally, the first thing I look at in choosing a school is the faculty. 


When Toddlers Unlimited introduced its grade school program in 2014, I already knew that I was going to enrol my son. I cannot emphasize enough that they have the best teachers. 


My son who is in the pioneer batch has enjoyed every single day of his elementary years. Learning is as natural as can be. His curiosity and enthusiasm when he was a pre-schooler never left him. He has grown to be goal oriented and works zealously to achieve goals, finish reports, write stories, etc. 


Aside from academics, I am grateful that he grew up in an environment where he is able to unlock skills and talents I never imagined he would have.


Now that he is about to enter high school, I am confident that he is ready. He not only takes with him a wealth of knowledge and skills but more importantly many happy memories.



Parent Testimonials


We are so happy with the development of our son Miguel. He has been diagnosed with very slight autism and has a hard time working with other kids.  In just one year with TU, he has improved his social skills.  He now plays with others and even has several close friends.  We will defintely stay with TU.


- Rene

My daughter never says she doesn't want to go to school. In fact, she looks forward to it. That's one of the main reasons we love Thinkers Unlimited: They make learning a joy. They really do take care to treat each child as an individual, with her own unique strengths and ways of learning.


- Apol

From my point of view, Thinkers has a very favorable atmosphere for children.  It’s like a big family where every child is loved and taken care of.  The child feels safe and can prove himself. The educational process is due to trust and understanding on the part of children. If the child does not understand something, then there is no feeling of shock. He calmly knows how to solve this problem. With the help of a teacher or with the help of a parent. After all, some children are afraid to ask, they think that they do not look very smart.  Thinkers help cope with childhood fears about learning.  

Sofia quickly adapted to the new school.  I think thanks to you she grows cognitively, is calm and curious.  We really enjoyed being in you!  I would like you to continue to develop and help children to know the world through kindness of understanding!

- Natalia

We are very happy our daughter was given the opportunity to study at Thinkers. Thinkers is a very special place for her. In almost 1 year, we have seen how she has grown, expressing herself better and discovering her talents and creativities. Our daughter is very at ease  with the school. Thinkers allow children to "grow and discover" themselves.


- Lucy Ann Jamias

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