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Core Subjects


In English Class the students enjoy Grammar lessons taught through interactive games. Spelling is learned by looking at word patterns and practicing words meaningfully. We have Readers Workshops which teach students strategies on decoding print and comprehending literature, while instilling a genuine love for reading. Writers Workshop is a weekly venture into honing skills in expressing themselves through words.

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We use Common Core standards and the Department of Education Guidelines to build a Math Program that is both engaging and fun. With the use of learning materials, student partners, and games - Math concepts are made meaningful and interesting.



Filipino lessons focus on building conversational skills, understanding Grammar Rules, and being able to read, understand, and write in Filipino. All done in a way wherein children are able to fall in love with the language of our motherland. Music, story books, and games are used to help make learning enjoyable and memorable.


Social Studies is organized around themes about oneself, the family, community, country, and the world. Students learn to be observant of the world, and how it is changing. Instead of relying on textbooks, our Social Studies subject is taught through in-depth, lively discussions, research, and projects.

Social Studies

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