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Students Deserve

a School They Love...

Especially now. 


Hybrid Classes

The Coronavirus Pandemic has turned lives all over the world upside down. Fortunately we can look forward to things slowly shifting to allow students some kind of normalcy in their lives.

While we continue to face new challenges, we are committed to doing our best in terms of reaching out to our students to teach them in ways that are engaging and motivating - and stay true to our mission of forming creative and critical thinkers in a school they love. Even in times when their school is at home.

Our Hybrid Program follows a reasonable schedule of face-to-face and online classes which include live sessions and a sensible workload. We use Google Classrooms, Seesaw, and Study Island among other things. Our teachers make lessons fun and interactive, and help children feel supported. We measure learning through games, discussions, projects, video clips, and short quizzes.


Our goal is to help children find a space where they can interact with friends, feel safe, and continue to learn, thrive, succeed and be happy. Because we know that now more than ever, children need a school they love.

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Students deserve a school they love, especially now!

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