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Readers Ask Questions

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

How important is asking questions in understanding stories?

For our Grade 1 students, a lesson that we took up during Readers' Workshop was "Asking smart questions." We talked about how thinking about what is happening in a story, and asking ourselves questions about the characters, setting or events, can help us gain a better insight and deeper understanding.

I read Leo Lionni's book, "It's Mine" out to the class. After each page, we took turns asking questions about the characters.

When the story was done, we retold it in 3 parts (beginning, middle, and end), and were able to answer the questions we raised earlier.

Ginny's work shows what thoughts she had while listening to the story.

Yanna had her own set of delightful questions.

It's wonderful to see the different questions they come up with.

Want to learn more about the importance of asking questions while reading. Click on the link below!

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