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Halloween Museum

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

We challenged the students and teachers to a Halloween Decorating contest. Then, we got the parents involved. The results were magical!

Our Grade 3 students and Teacher Justine had Harry Potter Fever, and so they built their very own Hogwarts. On Museum day, they donned black robes and greeted their guest with memorized spiels about their magical items. This won first prize from the visiting judges.

Our big kids from the Groups 4 & 5, along with Teacher Keith, decided to transform the Blue Room into the very mysterious Area 51. A visit to this room involved a Scavenger Hunt. This display won our online voting contest. On FB it reached 14,800, got 944 likes, and was shared 2.3K times!

Our grade 2 students transformed the yellow room into a very interactive robotic world. The centerpiece was Teacher Mich's life-size Bumblebee, who moved to Toddlers Unlimited during the Halloween Party, and is currently guarding Ms. Thumby's garage.

The grade 1 kids, along with a team of teachers (Bianca, Gel, Shelley and Ja) turned Thinkers into Monsters Unlimited. Each child introduced their "monster" characters to the visitors' delight.

We were so amazed by all the hard work that was put in, and were especially stunned by how the parents got involved with the online voting process. Such a memorable experience for our students.

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