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Morning Chat with Sportscaster, Bea Escudero

The students have been recording videos of themselves in Flipgrid and doing audio-recorded reading sessions on Fluency Tutor. I love how some of them are so natural at it, and are showing a lot of potential as future vloggers and voice talents. But there are also those who seem to be apprehensive or very self-conscious.

To give the students a little pep talk, I invited the lovely Bea Escudero to join us for a Google Meet session on Sept. 16. Bea is a former UAAP Courtside Reporter for the De La Salle University Green Archers and Lady Spikers, and is currently a sportscaster in the PBA, Events Host, and TV Host for PBA Rush and One Sports Plus.

When our meeting started, Bea talked a little bit about what she does, and then went on to give them some helpful tips which included: 

1. Believe in yourself and try to show confidence (even if you feel nervous).

2. Know and understand what you are talking about.

3. Modulate your voice so that you can be understood and you can emphasize important words. 

Afterwards, we allowed the students to take turns asking questions. Before Bea joined us, I reminded them to ask smart questions and listen carefully, so that they don’t end up asking the same things. I was so pleased with the questions they came up with, and how great they were at introducing themselves and thanking her after. 

Here’s a quick rundown of our Q & A’s. (The answers are just short notes on Bea’s responses).

Jolie: What did you feel during your first report?

Bea: Very nervous and so pressured. I stuttered a lot.  But it’s okay. Remember to just keep working and learning.

Alfonso: How do you start a report?

Bea: Give an introduction to be able to collect your thoughts, and it also gives your audience an idea of what you will talk about.

Lilou: Was it your childhood dream to be a sports reporter?

Bea: It’s something I realized I wanted when I was a bit older. But playing football when I was young and watching basketball with my dad was a good start.

Reese: How do you make scripts for interviewing players?

Bea: Try to know your subjects. I would gather information beforehand, watch their practices and games, and know their stats.

Vito: Did you look up to a reporter or have sports idols?

Bea: Yes. Selina Dagdag, Jeanine Tsoi, Apple David.

Breanna: What are your hobbies?

Bea: Cooking, football, going to the gym, eating (Korean food), watching documentaries on Netflix.

Lucas: When was the first time you did a report?

Bea: In September 2016.

Franco: What other channels did you work for?

Bea: I started in ABS-CBN and am grateful for the experience and the opportunities they gave me. In TV-5, I love that I was given the chance to do different sports other than basketball.

Thumby: Who are some of your favorite people to interview?

Bea: Jeron Teng, Thomas Torres, Paolol Sauler, Japeth Aguilar, Chris Newsome and Coach Sandy Arespacochaga.

Verena: Who do you want to thank for your success?

Bea: My parents, for always supporting me.

We went a little bit over our class time, but not without thanking Ms. Bea, and sharing with her the drawing Breanna made.

Thank you, Bea!

Follow Bea at @_beaescu and

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