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Letters from Juliana

Our sweet Juliana makes gratitude letters for the frontliners.

We've been stuck at home due to the lockdown and have been wondering what our kids have been up to?

Our grade 2 class reunited for a quick video conference, and when I asked the students to share some of the things they've been doing, Juliana surprised us with the letters she had made.

I admire her thoughtfulness, and asked if I could share her letters online, in the hope that it would inspire her other schoolmates to write their own letters, too.

This one even comes with a joke...

Here is a letter to the patients, letting them know they are in our thoughts.

To the front liners out there - Doctors, nurses, lab techs, cleaners, guards, grocers, bankers, garbage collects, pharmacists, aids, policemen, delivery people, scientists, people packing and distributing food to the less fortunate or protective gear to our front liners, public transportation drivers, reporters, and all those who HAVE to be out there...THANK YOU and we will continue to STAY HOME and PRAY for you.

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