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Should I Buy Drums?

Pro's and Con's exercise.

I think I want to buy drums. But is it worth it?

Let's see.

There are pros and cons, so...

Today's question is, "Should I buy drums?"

(theme plays)


It's Lucas Time!

>> Drums are very cool instruments. So they might be worth it...

Or are they?


>> Pros!!!

>> Drums are the instruments that keep the beat. They are also fun and very, very addictive, but there's a downside...


>> Cons!!!

>> Drums are fun! (I told you that) But are also hard to play if the beat is difficult, or if the song is very, very, very fast.

So you might not be able to play some songs.

But what if you practice again and again?

And again and again.

Then, you could be good at those hard songs.

So practice everyday.

But what if you have lots of neighbors?

You can use electric drums.

But what if you only have regular drums and/or you want to save money?

You could drum on your chair or pillow.


>> Do you want to buy drums?

>> Yeees!!! Because they seem very fun. And very easy!

I got drums!


* We celebrate this work because the author of this piece has been diagnosed with ADHD, a language disorder, and Dysgrapahia (a writing disability). And yet, he was able to sit down, compose this on his own, stay on task, and handwrite this piece.

He incorporated sound effects because he has a keen interest in making videos and adding closed captions.

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